Turkish Natural Gas Market 1st Consultation Meeting

March, 2013

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority organized the 1st Multi-Supplier Consultation Meeting on Turkish Natural Gas Market in Antalya, with the participation of top managers from natural gas importing companies. In the meeting, establishment of a natural gas exchange market, new opportunities, and the industry outlook were discussed.

EMRA President Hasan Köktaş shared the following comments: "Recent economic and political developments in our country and abroad have increased the significance of Turkey in terms of energy. New regional alternatives are emerging. As the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, we are committed to establishing an energy exchange market with the aim to transform our country into a regional hub, a significant energy terminal. Therefore, we organized a consultation meeting with widespread participation from the industry to evaluate the current situation and discuss opportunities. We have declared 2013 as the year to complete the technical infrastructure needed for the natural gas exchange market. Natural gas distribution companies need to establish gas delivery control centers for the exchange market, Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ) needs to implement the electronic bulletin table (EBT) in a transparent way and natural gas importers need to provide access to their data flow for EBT. Also, as the Authority, we need to implement very important arrangements. We gave all industry representatives the message that they should complete their preparations and the process will be operated with a regulatory and supervisory mechanism."

Kibar Energy Board Member, Tamer SAKA; Managing Director, Aydın ALTUNORDU; Trade Director, Ahmet Taha YILDIZ; and Operations Manager, Sibel KELEŞ attended this important meeting that will play a decisive role in the future of the natural gas market.